Google is known to always make efforts to simplify things for its users. The result of one such effort was seen last month, when the search engine giant rolled out new structured data markup – Vehicle Structured Data – for car dealerships.

How Does This New Markup Help?

This new update has been introduced to help dealerships that until now have not signed up for vehicle listings or prefer a simpler setup.

As per Google,

“Vehicle listings on Google allows car dealerships to show their for-sale inventory on Google Search and other Google surfaces. It is currently available in the US and US territories.”

It is built to provide car dealerships with an easier alternative to feed in vehicle inventory data and some basic information about the cars for sale. For more information, check out the official document released by Google.

Why Is This Important?

This particular step taken by Google indicates that now car dealerships of all sizes can create vehicle listings using the vehicle listing markup. However, for car dealerships that are comfortable creating and maintaining feed files the usual way, the existing feed method is still a good option.

Furthermore, Google is taking efforts to simplify monitoring and fixing the required structured data using the Search Console reports and tools. Go through their announcement to find detailed guidance on Rich Result Reports in Search Console and how your structured data can be tested using the Rich Results Test.