It is now a well-known fact that reviews can make a world of difference for both businesses as well as their customers. Most people headed to the reviews section pay special attention to customer ratings, words describing the product and/or service, and yes, photographs!

Turns Out Photos Are Important

There have been studies in the past that highlighted the importance of recency, length, quantity, and upvotes when it comes to reviews. However, one more such study has come to fore emphasizing the importance of photographs in reviews. As per this study, it has been observed that reviews with pictures tend to appear in the top ten for way longer as compared to others.


It is suggested that reviews backed with photos stay on top for longer because they tend to be more engaging and can easily grab viewers’ attention. Moreover, photographs add to the quality and credibility of a review.

As per the recent analysis done by Sterling Sky, they were able to prove that reviews with photos stay longer in the top ten list. The image below clearly shows that a review with a photo has more readers as compared to the reviews without a photo.


Why This Is Important

While it is understandable that photos make a difference in the review’s ranking, what comes as a surprise is that adding a picture to an older review can also lead to significant changes in the rankings! The study shows that adding a photo to an older review can completely change the order of reviews that viewers can see.

Final Takeaway

Having good reviews with pictures on top is definitely better for any business. Hence, it is advisable that you encourage your customers to post reviews along with photographs of your products and/or services.

In fact, you can also ask your existing customers to add photographs to their older reviews, as this will help you to push down any negative reviews if not bury them entirely.