Sort your campaigns in 6 different ways with just 1 click. This Google Ads feature also lets you keep a track of the campaigns spending your money the fastest by sorting the cost from high to low.

Invest in Fred Vallaeys’ book “Digital Marketing in an AI World”. The book claims to turn PPC professionals into ‘PPC Rockstars’ by letting them explore the impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Digital Marketing in an AI World is available on Amazon and is a must-have for PPC pros at agencies and in-house alike.

Create an omnichannel campaign with Local Inventory Ads. Local Inventory Ads help direct customers to the retailer’s omnichannel storefront, where they can find more information like the store location, availability of a product and much more.

Set up conversion tracking to see what actions users are taking after interacting with your ads. With conversion tracking, you no longer have to create multiple accounts for campaigns with different goals.

Use Facebook’s Interest Targeting Expansion option. This feature will save you from having to manually add more interests and improve the performance of your ad campaigns at lower

Integrate Responsive Search Ads (RSAs). Google’s RSAs simplify the ad copy creation process by allowing machine learning to manipulate a single ad, containing multiple headlines and description assets, to serve the best possible combination for each user in each individual auction.

Increase brand awareness with Google Display advertising. Boosting brand value is known to increase the CTR and lower the CPAs of non-branded campaigns.

Simplify bid strategies. Daily budgets are far more useful and straightforward in comparison, as reported by many PPC professionals. Google to convert the Enhanced CPC portfolios into individual Enhanced CPC campaigns, later this year.

Know what works best when it comes to location-based marketing. Marketers estimated to spend over $26 billion in 2019 on geotargeted campaigns.

Exclude placements in Google Smart Shopping campaigns. Use this helpful walk-through to know how it’s done.

Try YouTube Lead Form Ads. As reported by Google, YouTube has nearly 2 billion monthly logged in users, thus providing limitless opportunities to advertisers.

Avoid using smart bidding and last-click attribution in combination. When fed with bad data, smart bidding strategies may lack the human intuition for understanding how to deal with
problem areas

Manage your locations and creatives with the all new local campaign features. Creating location groups can make it easier to promote a subset of business locations.