The month of June saw SEOs scrambling to keep up with a number of updates rolled out by Google, namely core, page experience, and spam updates. These updates also had SEOs scratching their heads, trying to figure out the exact cause of the change in rankings

While the rolling out of the core update finished on the 12th of June, Google started rolling out the page experience update right on its heels, on June 15th. This roll-out is expected to go on right until the end of August. Google went on to roll out a two-part spam update – part one of the update began on June 23rd, and part two began on June 28th.

What These Updates Signify

The page experience update has a lot to do with HTTPS and metrics, such as speed, responsiveness, and core web vitals. If you wish to see how this update may affect your site, the updated layout is live in all the testing tools and on Google Search Console. However, you need to bear in mind that the Search Console data is delayed, as it is based on the CrUX (Chrome UX Report) data aggregated over the past
28 days.

As this roll-out is going to last months, chances are you may not see any drastic shift in your site’s visibility. This should give you the time to work on your site’s metrics so its performance meets your expectations.

Unlike core and page experience updates, spam updates begin and end on the same day. This means your website rankings may be impacted almost immediately. Therefore, if a website saw any changes in its rankings on the days when this two-part update was rolled out, you know what may have caused it.

That said, none of our websites experienced any major shift in rankings.

Final Takeaway

Although there is a great deal of talk around these updates, it is still too early to know exactly how they will affect site rankings. As for the spam updates, SEOs do not seem to be too impressed and feel that too many spam sites are still being ranked.

This is a look at all a site owner should know when it comes to Google’s core updates. If you would like more information on the page experience update that is still rolling out, keep an eye out for the updates posted on the Page Experience Blog and the Core Web Vitals & Page Experience FAQs.

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