During these unprecedented times, Google is benevolently offering support to the SMB community nationwide in response to COVID-19. Being a Google Partner, we are happy to inform you that Google is committing over $800 Million in Ads Grant money to help alleviate some of the cost for small and mediumsized businesses (SMBs) to stay in touch with their customers during this challenging time.

The $800+ Million in Google Ads Grants includes:

  • $340 million in Google Ads credits to ALL small and mid-sized businesses with active accounts since Jan 2019. These credits can be used until the end of 2020.
  • $250 million in ad grants for the World Health Organization (WHO) & hundreds of government agencies.
  • $200 million in support for NGOs and financial institutions that are needed to provide access to capital for small businesses.
  • $15 million in cash grants for Non-Profit Organizations from Google.org
  • $20 million in Google Cloud credits for academic institutions and researchers
  • Additional direct financial support for manufacturers of products and services that are critical to the nation during this time.

We’re here to help our partners, businesses, and health organizations secure these Google Grants to ensure your operations stay up and running at this time.

Do not miss out on this opportunity!

Reach out to our team to understand how you can avail these Ads credits, or if we can assist your business during this crisis.

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