Google My Business (GMB) Suspension

When a GMB account is no longer visible on Google search results & Google Maps, it is possibly suspended! The suspension process is carried out because the business details are not according to the terms and conditions of Google. The trickiest part here is – Google doesn’t specify the reasons as to why a GMB profile was suspended. If you have a GMB account or if your account was suspended, this article is for you!

Signs That Indicate Your GMB Profile Was Suspended

1. Comparatively fewer phone calls or less foot traffic than normal
2. An email notification from Google stating that your GMB profile has been suspended
3. Your Google My Business dashboard displays a “Suspended” notification

Types Of Suspension

1. Hard Suspension: When you search for your business on the web, your company’s name is not shown in the search results or Google Maps.
2. Soft Suspension: In this case, your business is visible, but you cannot make any changes or manage your listings.

Common Reasons For GMB Suspensions

1. Two or more businesses share the same address.
2. The address on your website does not match with the business listings.
3. The address, name, or phone number on your GMB profile does not match with your directory listings.
4. Making frequent small or big changes to your address, business name, website, phone number, etc. is considered spam.
5. You have mentioned a P.O. box or UPS box in the address.
6. The address on your GMB profile is a virtual office address.
7. You have used too many keywords in your business name.
8. Business name is not the same across the web.
9. You are a Service Area Business displaying your home address.
10. You are running an online business and don’t have a physical store.
11. You belong to industries like Locksmiths, HVAC, Plumbing, and other home service businesses.
These industries are known to have more fake listings, making them prone to suspensions.
12. The link on your GMB profile redirects to another website or a social media page.
13. You have multiple locations or listings for a single business.
14. Someone reported your listing through a Redressal form.
15. You or your GMB manager violated GMB TOS (Terms of Service).
16. Other reasons for suspension include Bugs, Algorithmic Sweep, etc.

How To Avoid A Suspension?

1. Read the GMB Guidelines thoroughly before you create an account.
2. If you have any questions while you are registering, ask the experts or contact Google.
3. Provide the necessary documents like photos, valid proofs, etc. as and when required.
4. Check the GMB Guidelines (TOS) once a month to stay updated with all the rules.

What To Do After Your Account Has Been Suspended?

1. Don’t panic! If you are a legitimate business, there is nothing to worry about.
2. Identify the reason/s due to which your account was suspended. Here, you must check whether you or your manager has violated any of the GMB TOS.
3. Follow the guidelines and make the required changes to your suspended account. Yes, these steps can be tedious but still hold on. Do not create a new GMB profile; it won’t be helpful.
4. To ensure you have actually fixed the issues, post your details on the GMB help forum or confirm it with an expert.
5. Fill in the Reinstatement Form. Answer the questions asked on the form honestly and also provide the required proofs. Please file only a single request to avoid further delays.
6. You will receive an update regarding your form from Google within 2-3 weeks.
7. If you do not get a reply after 3 weeks, contact GMB support through Facebook or Twitter.

In The End…

If your business totally relies on GMB, then follow the rules and stay updated. We also suggest you utilize other online marketing tools.

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