It’s true; come July 1st, Google will, by default, use its mobile Googlebot to index all the new sites that
come online. This move will help ensure that the users’ needs are placed at the forefront. Besides,
Mobile-First Indexing is something that Google has already been doing with over half of the search results
Want to Find Out Whether Your Site is Being Indexed by the Mobile Bot?
Chances are, if your site is responsive and mobile-friendly, then it is already being indexed using the
mobile bot and you have nothing to worry about. However, if you still want to check whether your site is
being indexed using Mobile-First indexing, then it is fairly easy to do so.
Normally, you will receive an email notifying you that your site has been migrated. In case you missed
the mail, you can check using Google’s URL Inspection Tool. All you have to do is add your homepage
URL in the top search bar in Google Search Console account and hit enter.
google’s URL Inspection Tool.
The page that comes next will show you whether the site is being indexed using Google smartphone bot.
Google smartphone bot
If while using the tool you are unable to understand the results you get, go through Google’s URL
Inspection Tool guide that offers details on all the different types of results one can get.