If a business happens to be owned by individuals with disabilities or Indigenous communities, they can now make that known on their Business Profile. This means that Google gives you the option to self-identify yourself if you are from a community like Asian, Black, Latino, LGBTQ+, Veteran, or Woman-owned.

Google has expanded its Business Profile attributes to provide more options for businesses looking to showcase their diversity. Already, business owners have had the option to highlight their ownership through icons in their profiles. Now, Google has introduced two additional attributes – Disabled and Indigenous-owned.

Google’s Announcement:

The latest update allows businesses to easily identify as disabled-owned in their Business Profiles, making it easier for customers to find and support them through Google Maps and Search. This new identity attribute for the disability community aims to provide customers with more information about a business and gives merchants the option to self-identify as part of this community.

It’s worth noting that this addition complements Google’s existing attributes, such as Asian-owned, Black-owned, Latino-owned, LGBTQ+ owned, veteran-owned, and Women-owned.

Indigenous-Owned Attribute:

While the announcement did not explicitly mention Indigenous-owned businesses, this option is available within the Business Profile’s attributes section for businesses to select.

Our Perspective:

It’s important to consider that Google, as a publicly-owned company, often introduces features that align with its profit-driven goals. In this instance, Google is presenting a feature that may appear altruistic but could also serve as a data collection opportunity under the guise of minority empowerment.

Adding a minority-based attribute to your Business Profile may have positive effects on your business, but it’s essential to be aware that it can also draw attention in today’s complex world. Google understands this dynamic, but its primary focus remains on its profit model, which relies heavily on targeted marketing.

Final Takeaway:

Before you decide to include any minority-based attribute in your Business Profile, we recommend conducting thorough research to make an informed decision. The safety and success of your business may depend on your understanding of the implications associated with such attributes.