With the increasing popularity of mobile searches, Google has announced a new update. Google recently announced that it will be introducing site names on mobile searches. It says that site names are currently available for mobile Google Search results in English, French, Japanese, and German. Over the next few months they will be rolling out additional languages.

New Site Name Structured Data Documentation

Google has several sources to identify the site name for a search result. You can use structured data on your homepage to indicate your preferred site name and let Google know what the site name should be.

According to Google,

When Google lists a page in search results, it shows the name of the site the page comes from. It is called the site name. Google uses several different sources to determine the site name, and you can indicate your preference by adding Web Site structured data. Note that the site name is different from the per-page title links (title links are specific to each web page, whereas the site name is for the
entire site).

Site names can appear in English, French, Japanese, and German for mobile Google Search results. You can learn everything you need to know by studying Google’s developer doc, which provides details on each of the following topics.

  • How site names in Google Search are created
  • How to add structured data
  • Guidelines
  • Structured data type definitions
  • Troubleshooting common issues
  • Troubleshooting structured data issues

Also — Google recommends revisiting the documentation for favicons. Since they intend to continue showing favicons on Search, they also recommend providing an icon that’s at least 48px and following the existing favicon guidelines.