Google has now allowed all U.S. auto advertisers to advertise their vehicles on its page. Customers shopping for vehicles online will now be able to see vehicle details such as make, model, price, mileage, and advertiser name. The latest format of the advertisement is given below. When a customer clicks on the ad, it directs the customer to the vehicle description page.

Advantages Of Vehicle Ads:

  • Vehicle ads are designed to help you reach your potential customers easily.
  • Advertisers can now optimize their site accordingly to get a good conversion rate (both online and
  • Users will only see the most relevant listings from your inventory, helping you get qualified leads.

What You Need To Know:

  • Both new & used vehicles can be advertised
  • Only non-commercial vehicles can be advertised
  • Only available for U.S. auto advertisers

How To Get Started

  • Upload vehicle data to Google Merchant Center
  • Create Smart Shopping campaigns on Google Ads
  • Link your Google Ads account to a Merchant Centre account and a Google Business Profile
  • Visit Google’s Support page for more details

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