As we all know, Google launches core updates at least two to three times a year. These updates cause a hassle for all web developers and SEO specialists, because they have to monitor rankings and make the required changes.

On May 25th, Google announced an update via Twitter.

Google Search Central

This core update was further explained on Google Search Central. According to this article, Google makes changes to the ranking process to increase the accuracy of search results. These improvements are called core updates. Core updates are not specific to certain sites, but will certainly generate notable effects. Some sites’ ranking may drop, while others may rise.

Google said that, if any site does experience a drop in its ranking, they don’t have to fix anything. These updates are meant to improve the system, helping under-ranked sites get better traffic.

So, if your ranking suddenly drops, there’s nothing to worry about. You have not violated any webmaster guidelines. You just have to sit back and wait for the next core update. One last thing you can do is observe the sites that have ranked higher and try to figure out the factors that helped them.

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